Contact Insurance Brokerage is known for its unparalleled tailor-made insurance services offered for corporate and retail clients

Contact Insurance Brokerage is an Egyptian joint stock company subject to the provisions of Law No. (159) of 1981 and the Law of Supervision and Control of Insurance promulgated by Law No. (10) of 1981 inclusive of its amendments and implementing regulations. Contact Insurance Brokerage has also been registered on the 19th of April 2015 in the Financial Supervision Authority under Resolution No. (357) of 2015 under record No. (54). Driven by top talents and expert advisors, Contact Insurance Brokerage caters to its entire network of individual and corporate clients with competitive packages, prices, and features that suit their varying needs. Through insurance companies licensed by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, Contact Insurance Brokerage tailors an integrated package of products and services across a wide range of capabilities to unlock its clients’ growth potential.

Retail Insurance Products

Protecting your Family

  • Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Health Card (OR) Medical Discount Card (OR) Direct Access Card



Protecting your Home

  • Home Insurance
  • Electronics Insurance
  • Machinery Insurance
  • Key Protection Insurance



Protecting your Car

  • Car Insurance Additional Offers
  • Extended Car Warranty
  • Total Car Loss Insurance (Owner or Transport)
  • Vehicle Transporter Insurance
  • Road Risk Insurance
  • Key Replacement Cover Insurance (OR) Car Key Cover Insurance

Protecting your Business

  • Business Insurance
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Total Transportation Loss Insurance
  • Road Risk Insurance



Corporate Insurance Products

Medical Insurance

Life Insurance

Car Insurance

Engineering Solutions Insurance

Cars Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Marine transportation Insurance

Cargo transportation Insurance

Fire and Burglary Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance (OR) Loss of Profits Insurance

Cash in Transit Insurance

Non-Payment Risk Insurance

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