Easy Financing solutions

Through our factoring services, we ensure empowering your business and boosting your working capital long before collecting bills and extended payment terms.

It is a great cash flow solution for businesses of all sizes and growth stages conducted with the flexibility of a reliable financing company offering you cost advantage services, and customized solutions.

We cover industrial, agriculture, commercial, entertainment, and other sectors .

  • Commercial and consumerism factoring
  • Direct and reverse factoring
  • Recourse and non-recourse factoring
  • Spot or whole Ledger Factoring

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  Immediate access to cash for your business growth and empowerment

  Easier and faster approval process than traditional bank lending

  No impact on your credit score.

  No debt burdens.

  Covering a diversity of industries.


The Seller provides a service or delivers a product, then sends an invoice to the Debtor.

The Seller submits that invoice to the Factoring Company for funding

The Factoring Company advances between 80-90% of the invoice value to the Seller, deposited into their business bank account

The Debtor mails their payment to the Factoring Company

The remaining 10-20% of the invoice value is released to the Seller, minus a small Factoring fee

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