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Fixed Income Portfolio Management
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Your Trusted Partner in Egypt's Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

Contact has a long and successful history in Egypt's Debt Capital Markets (DCM), making us the leading player in the industry. We leverage our extensive experience to offer a comprehensive suite of structured financing solutions, helping businesses thrive and achieve their financial goals. Our DCM services include securitization, Sukuk issuance, promotion and underwriting. Throughout our DCM services, we prioritize portfolio value protection against excessive market fluctuations, ensure adequate liquidity levels, diversify instrument structure, debt originator, and duration, and achieve competitive, optimized returns through active management strategies.

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Contact has been a pioneer and a market leader in the DCM space in Egypt since 2005. We have arranged and issued more than EGP 26 billion in debt issuances, including the very first securitization bond offering of its kind on the domestic market. We are also the first licensed sukuk issuer in the Egyptian market, offering Sharia-compliant financing solutions. Contact has also issued the first securitization bond backed by real-estate receivables ¬in the market in 2015, managed to be the leading issuer of Sukuk al-Mudarabah in 2021. Contact also issued the first Consumer Finance bond in 2022 with the highest portfolio rating in the market.

By choosing Contact as your DCM financial partner, you will benefit from
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  • Our extensive experience and expertise in the DCM field.
  • Our strong relationships with regulators, rating agencies, investors, and other market participants.
  • Our innovative and customized solutions that suit your unique needs.
  • Our competitive pricing and flexible payment options.
  • Our professional and dedicated team that will guide you throughout the entire process.
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Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your DCM inquiries and needs.

Fixed Income Instrument
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Experience Matters

Securitization is one of the widely commonly structured debt security issues with the purpose of transferring receivables to an SPV as collateral for third party investment. Choosing securitization as a structure has multiple advantages such as enhancing credit rating of underlying asset, Tax savings, Lower cost of capital, off-balance sheet financing and Source of liquidity. Experience Matters: Since 2005, Contact has been a trusted partner in securitization in Egypt, guiding partners and clients through every step of the process. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the market, Contact tailors solutions to your specific needs and navigates the complexities of securitization to achieve your financial goals.

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Compliant with Shariah Principles

Sukuk are an asset-based security that represent aggregate and undivided shares of ownership and/or rights in a tangible asset as it relates to a specific project or a specific investment activity with Off-balance sheet advantage via SPV and Long duration. Hybrid instruments that share features that can be more debt-like or equity-like, depending on the structure. Potential for a large and diverse investor base with highly flexible structures including: (Mudarabah, Musharaka, Ijara and Murabaha) We offer comprehensive Sukuk Issuance Services in Egypt to help you navigate the process to ensure your needs are met from start to finish.

Contact Kol Yom
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Your easy and safe investment

Kol Youm is a savings fund from Contact that offers your business a unique opportunity to achieve consistent and secure financial growth. We provide a simple, accessible, and rewarding investment platform designed to empower your financial aspirations. Kol Yom leverages a diversified investment portfolio, ensuring steady returns while safeguarding your capital and liquidity. We offer a comprehensive solution, combining effortless enrollment, complete transparency with zero fees, unparalleled flexibility for deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, our dedicated support team is always available to assist you with any questions, ensuring a smooth and successful investment experience.

Benefits of Kol Yom
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  • Cumulative daily returns
  • Easy and secure investment
  • Without any fees
  • Daily Deposit and withdrawal
  • Bank account is not a must
  • Fastest and easiest procedures
  • Easy and diversified transaction methods
  • A call center team for any help
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By partnering with Kol Yom, you invest in your business's future growth and stability. Join many other entities experiencing the power of daily financial and start your journey to financial success today.

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